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Planned Closure Dates For Lulworth Castle

Lulworth Castle & Park

Castle Closures

The Castle & Park is typically open Sunday to Friday (Closed Saturdays) from Easter to December. It opens at 10.30am until 5pm, with last entry one hour before closing.

Lulworth Castle, Chapel and grounds areĀ CLOSED TO THE PUBLICĀ on SATURDAYS.

There are additional occasions throughout the year when we close the Castle for events or alter the admission charges including the following days:

The Castle will be closed for Camp Bestival from Saturday 20th July 2019 reopening Sunday 4th August 2019

Special Event – Spooky Fun takes place Sunday 27th October – Wednesday 30th October 2019

The Castle closes for the winter on the 20th December 2019 and reopens on Sunday 29th March 2020. The park remains open Sunday to Friday over the winter.