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Parking at Lulworth


Lulworth Car Parks

Here on the Lulworth Estate we have a number of car parks available for your visit.

If you park at Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove or Lulworth Castle we ask that you purchase a ticket. The funds raised from these sales contribute towards our visitor facilities such as car parks, roads, footpaths, steps to the beaches, toilets, beach wardens, ranger service, waste management, conservation and health and safety. It also helps to fund education and events programmes for children and adults of all ages.

See our opening times, tickets and facilities for more information.

Our car parks are Police approved and annually checked so they are safer for you and your vehicle. Our ‘Park Mark – Safer Parking’ status has been given for parking through daylight hours and has been awarded by the British Parking Association.

Please do not park dangerously on the sides of the roads. There have been recent occasions where vehicles have blocked roads and prevented the emergency services from getting access.

Using The Car Park

We have recently introduced a new parking system which we hope will improve the visitor experience. As it is a new system, we’ve put together some pointers (below), which you may find helpful.

The check-in/check-out system works like this:-

  1. Type in registration plate
  2. Choose check-in/check-out
  3. Use contactless or insert card
  4. Wait for the system to process
  5. When you are ready to leave, simply use contactless or insert card. There is no need to input your registration plate again.

The Pay and Display system works like this:-

  1. Type in registration plate
  2. Choose coins
  3. OR
  4. Choose card to pay by card

Frequently Asked Questions

My card has been charged £9.50 according to my bank statement. This is too much.

When you enter your card, the card defaults to £9.50 (the maximum all day tariff). This is because at this point you don’t know how long you are staying.

When you check-out, you will then be charged for the time of your actual stay.

Your account will have a pending payment of £9.50 which will clear to the correct amount once you have tapped out. This may take up to 7 days, but only the relevant payment for your stay will leave your account.

I tried to check out and the machine has checked me in again.

Have you used the same card to check out with as you used to check in? You must use the same card to check-in and check-out.

Have you put in your registration plate for the second time?

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