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Rock Pool School

27 Jul 2017


Discover the hidden treasures of our coastline.

Meet at Lulworth Cove


Rock Pool School

At low tides an array of wildlife is revealed along the shoreline including brilliant barnacles, awesome anemones, slimy seaweed and crafty crabs.

Throughout July and August, your children can join Rock Pool School to ramble across the rocks, discover this fantastic wildlife and enjoy identifying them all with their own spotters sheet. The pools are only uncovered for a few hours each day before they are claimed once again by the gentle sea replenishing the marine life within, so don’t miss your opportunity to explore.

Times: 2.30 pm for one hour. Sessions are dependent on the tide so please enquire at the Visitor Centre Reception in Lulworth Cove.

Dates: 27 July, 28 July, 10 Aug, 11 Aug, 24 Aug, 25 Aug

Price: £3.50 per child with a supervising adult going free (required).

Meet: Lulworth Cove Visitor Centre Reception

These popular sessions  can get booked up very quickly. To reserve and book your space on one of these sessions, please follow this link.