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Fossil Workshop

18 Feb 2019 - 26 Aug 2019

Call: 01929 400155

To find Lulworth 

Set SatNav postcode to BH20 5RQ for Lulworth Cove Visitor Centre, West Lulworth, Dorset.

Google map & directions

Fossil Workshop

A fun session where children of all ages can have a go at fossil casting and ammonite slice polishing. Also includes top tips for finding fossils on the beach. Fossil hunters take home a fossil cast and polished ammonite slice. Includes fossil making and ammonite slice polishing.

February 18th, 22nd  |  April 8th, 15th, 19th  |  July 22nd, 29th  |  August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

Time: 11:30am

Meet at: Lulworth Cove Visitor Centre (BH20 5RQ)

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.

Price: £5 per person.

Accessibility: Full wheelchair access available.

Please call (01929) 400587 or 400155 to book or find out more!