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A student, low budget music video production with a small crew of 4 with 3 actors and minimal props. Equipment would include a standard Manfrotto tripod with a small Black Magic Cinema camera and a couple of battery powered LED lights with small stands for indoor shoots.

The story of the Music Video is about the hidden, forbidden love between a young noble and a scullery maid. The investigations of the young noble’s father has led them to elope and to throw away the meaning of name and rank.

I would like to enquire about filming in Lulworth Castle and the surrounding coastal areas near Lulworth Cove/Durdle Door. As our project is a not a commercial product, I would like to know where we stand in being able to film at these locations with the above details in the following week or before Decemeber, preferably if there are times between 10am – 4pm where we can be in a position to film so that we do not inconvenience any visitors/tourists or be in a space that isn’t being used (especially inside the Manor).

As a result, should the production be complete and successful, we would like the Lulworth Institute to use our Music Video (should they wish) as a way to advertise the beauty of Dorset and the coastal areas to a younger demographic audience. I hope you consider our proposal and thank you for taking your time to read this message.
Please contact me if there are any other details that I have missed.